Librarian Blogs

I was a little unsure of what I would find in the librarian blog because I feel like I am still unfamiliar in this area, however, I felt like the blogs I looked at were very informational and I really enjoyed exploring all the different kinds that are out there. A lot of the blogs I read provided fun activities that promote a love for reading, which is something I am always looking to bring into my classroom. While exploring the different blogs, I found ideas I would like to use in my own classroom, and found ideas I would like to share with the whole school community. The first blog I found to be very informational was the daring librarian . My first thought I had while browsing the sight was that it was visually appealing, which made it fun to look around. I also really liked how the blog provided a lot of ideas and resources for teachers in the classroom and not just in the library. A post that really stuck out to me was the back to school special . Thinking about myself as a classroom teacher, I thought it was really neat idea that she was providing a resource that could be shared across multiple classrooms and throughout the entire school. With my school just having back to school night, this resource would have been great to share across grade levels so all the grade levels were sharing the same information with parents, but at the same time, could modify it so the information shared was about the specific grade level. This blog showed me how blogs can be used to share information and sources across grade levels throughout the school and with your colleagues, which is something my school is really looking at doing this year. Another blog I looked at and really liked was Mrs. Readerpants . First, I love the name of her blog and when I saw it, I instantly wanted to check it out and see what it had to offer. This sight was also visually appealing making me want to look over all it had to offer. This is something I have noticed about most of the blogs I explored farther than just the initial click into the sight. When a blog was more colorful and visually appealing it felt more welcoming and easier to navigate. Unlike the last blog, I noticed this blog provided a lot more resources to use in the library, which would be very helpful if you are currently a media specialist at a school. However, I did find a post that could be applied to the classroom that I would love to try. I think trying this activity would help students build a love for reading and help with the hard part of picking a “just right book” for them. The post was called Book Speed Dating, The Hows and Whys . This post went into detail about how you can set up speed dating for students with books. By doing this speed dating activity, students begin to learn how they can decide if a book is worth continuing or if they should move on to try and find a better book that interests them. I think the students in my classroom would have so much fun trying this, and not only would it be a one-time activity, I think the students could take what they learn and continue to apply it every time they are picking out a new book to read. I am always looking for ways to help students build a love for reading and this is definitely a way to help. The last blog I really enjoyed looking at was Ms. Yinglings reads . On this blog, there were many reviews about different books that are geared towards middle school students. I loved the idea that students could get on to this blog and see what their teacher was reading and what their teacher thought about that particular book. They could also read the review and decide if this book was something they think they would be interested in. Similar to what I said in the last blog review, I think children have a hard time figuring out just right books for them because they are unsure what the book is going to be about. So many times students start a book but then become bored with it and lose interest. Hopefully, by having this resource, students may be able to pick a book with a topic that they know will keep their interest and be more successful with reading the entire book. Although this particular blog was geared towards middle school students, this could be done for books at any reading level. I think it would be neat to take this idea and make it for your own classroom or provide it for your whole school. Once everyone is on the blog, students could contribute their own reviews for books they read and share their opinions, which may get other students interested and excited about reading. Although this blog did not have specific posts about different resources or articles, an aspect I really liked about the blog were the tabs at the top that had different categories of books. I found the humorous books tab to have a lot of books that sounded interesting .

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